Tk20 Communication Campaign

Tk20 Communication Campaign

Strategic Communications, Copywriting, Graphic Design

This communication campaign approached a unique communication challenge and outlined a detailed analysis of the markets, objectives, and communication strategies—all of which enabled an effective approach to communication with a mass audience.

2012 Campaign

This in-depth communication plan was developed to facilitate implementation of Tk20 at the UNM College of Education. The concept of a communication campaign had never before been introduced at the College of Education and had an immediate impact at the administrative level—enabling a smooth transition and effective communication during implementation.

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Bevin Ver Brugge Tk20 Communication Campaign
Bevin Ver Brugge Tk20 Communication Campaign

2013 Campaign

Due to the success and positive reception of the 2012 communication campaign, I was asked to develop another campaign for the 2013 Tk20 implementation phase. This campaign was far more complex and required additional efforts in terms of research, planning, and design.

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Strategic Communications
Graphic Design

What I Learned:

If you see an opportunity to take initiative and create positive change, don’t think twice…blaze ahead.

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